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Austin Texas Search Engine Optimization

Austin, Texas Search Engine Optimization is a term used loosely by many website design companies without a real explanation of how it works, and therefore without any real results. Search Engine Optimization is a method of targeting customers to the content on your website by relating the terms of their search to the product and services offered on your Austin, Texas website.Through our standard website design process and included in our stand unlimited updates process at no additional cost, we will help you optimize your website for various search engines, including Google, in an affordable and professional way. Since you have unlimited updates available at no additional cost, tuning your content to optimize it for search engines becomes simple and convenient as all content updates are free and fast! Also, since you will have a professional consultant available and ready to help you with your search engine optimization needs, the difficult task of Search Engine Optimization will be much more manageable.

Austin Texas Email Services

We offer advanced industry leading Austin, Texas email services to complement your website design and development needs. As prospecting and current customers will want to communicate with you throughout your professional relationship, our email services become a crucial complement to your website. Customers naturally gravitate to your website as a result of Search Engine Optimization, marketing via radio and television commercials, flyers, advertisements and other various methods, providing a means for your potential customers to reach you is important.Our Austin, Texas email services accommodate these needs and integrate seamlessly into your website via advanced contact forms that filter for interested customers and dropping them right into your inbox. Couple this with our advanced email filters and you can accommodate your customers needs with ease.


Larry Goodrum

Website Design and Internet Marketing Services 
Alfred and his crew are great to work. Will sit down and listen to what you need and then design a great website for you.

Laurah Lawson

Consultation Services 
After my first meeting w Centennial Arts, I knew my tech needs were in the hands they needed to be in. We went over my business concept inside and out and Alfred asked all the right questions. When I was visiting with him, I knew I wasn't just building a website...but building my business.

Leslie Dees Smith

Centennial Arts is your one-stop shop for website and social media solutions. Let their team do it all for you so you can concentrate on the important day-to-day operations of your business.

Chase Linscomb

Centennial Arts is one of those rare companies who won't tell what you want to hear in order to earn your business; but rather will give you an honest opinion about what will work for your business and stand behind it. As a consultant myself I have a lot of respect for that amount of integrity.Not only are they incredibly knowledgeable, but they are more than willing to build partnerships with their clients in order to foster long term relationships built on a foundation of success. They are customer advocates, consultants, experts in their field, and I would highly recommend them to anybody looking for a #marketing approach customized to your needs and your customers.

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