IMAP and SMTP Technology for Commercial Emails 


We utilize SMTP in conjunction with IMAP. SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). This is a protocol for sending and receiving email. SMTP technology lets you save messages in a sever mailbox and download them periodically from the server.

In addition, SMTP provides a set of codes that simplify the communication of email messages between email servers. When you send a message out, it’s turned into strings of text that are separated by the code words (or numbers) that identify the purpose of each section.  

SMTP is extremely beneficial for any business for numerous reasons. With SMTP technology, you are not limited to a set number of emails you can send on an hourly or daily basis. Also, you always know what happens to your email after you hit send, whether the email is received, delayed, not sent or bounces back. This technology allows you to keep your email lists private and under your full control as well. You can use your lists in the best way that engages your customers.


The main benefit of IMAP vs. POP3 is that with IMAP your emails remain on the server so there is no risk to losing your emails. 

To explain what this means, when you use POP3 you’re not simply viewing your emails from the server you’re actually pulling them from a server permanently and onto your computer. So, if you lose your computer due to a virus or a hard drive failure, you would essentially lose all of your emails. With IMAP, you do not run the same risk if your computer suffers a virus or hard drive failure, you’ve lost none of your emails because they remain on the server. 

 IMAP provides a huge advantage for any business which relies on laptops or high traffic in office computers because they’re on the highest risk of failing. If one of your computers goes down you can simply replace it or login to another computer and you will be able to access your emails once again. With this type of service, you’re able to access your emails from any computer, any tablet and any smartphone with an Internet connection!