Network Services

caServices provides hosted solutions on hardware that allows businesses to work remotely, File Share documents with the entire office, scale their infrastructure as they grow, and more. This includes redundant or backup components and infrastructure for power supply, data communication connections, environmental controls and various security devices.

Remote Work

More people are working from home than ever before; caServices have been enabling employees do their jobs remotely. This is due to our Virtual Private Network feature which allows you to log in to your office work-space from anywhere you have Internet connectivity. This grants you access to your data at any time and lets you collaborate with your team while working from any place in the world!

Quick and Easy Setup

Hosting your network though us eliminates the need to buy expensive equipment that takes up a lot of space in your office. There is no cost of labor on your end and no expensive equipment required, since our servers are already built in our office space. You also do not have to worry about maintenance, hardware support, or anything along those lines, since we always take care of our own servers. There is no setup required on your end, and setup is quick and easy with the same day installation. We also control the environment for our servers, most people would not know how to do this on their own.

Secure Your Data

Hosting your network through us protects your information on a safe, dependable server. Having a safe and secure network will give your business increased reliability and protect all the information on that network. We are able to back up your network at any time so that you will never lose any of your work. caServices also protects your business against hackers, cyber-criminals, and viruses. Make sure you are never without your information; our servers are extremely reliable and never crash.

It is highly likely that if any single component failed within your current computer, (ex. hard drive, motherboard, etc.) your files would be unavailable for however long it takes to diagnose and repair the failed component’s issue. This could potentially cost your company tens or hundreds of lost hours in productivity while the restore from backup to another machine is taking place. But if you had Centennial Arts hosting your server, it would minimize this issue by maintaining redundant hardware for critical internal devices. With caServices, your system would be able to continue to operate and serve your business.

Dedicated Server Environments

In addition, we offer cloud solutions for QuickBooks, JIRA, Confluence, and many more options through our redundant hosting infrastructure. We provide Dedicated Server Environments so that your server is exclusive to your business. Dedicated Servers makes your site always load fast, makes the back-end more secure, along with high up-time, and total control over the infrastructure reduces the risk of losing business. Dedicated Servers are easy to manage and give your customers fast page loading time and an overall better user experience. As opposed to shared servers, where you would be sharing resources with whoever else is on that shared server. Thus, you will not have to worry about other servers impacting your site's performance. A Dedicated Server also allows for more processing power and scalability for your company. Therefore, it is a huge advantage to have your own Dedicated Server, because you will have full capacity of hardware resources to ensure that your business runs efficiently.

File Share

Another great feature included in our caServices is Centralization of Resources or File Share. This allows you to easily share files and access information between different users and across multiple computers. Instead of emailing files back and forth, you can simply put documents into a shared space. This makes working with your team extremely easy, because everyone in your office can access files on that network share. Similarly, software can easily be distributed to multiple or all computers. You can also switch between machines at any time and keep your profile and all of your data stored on it the same.

Get Started Now!

These are just a few reasons how you will save time and money if you let us take care of your network for your business. Having your own dedicated server provides flexibility, scalability, and better management of your own business and allows for expansion and growth. caServices also offers reliability and peak performance, which ensures the best possible customer experience. This low-cost Network solution gives you all the control with all the management tools you are already familiar with, while we take care of the technical side. So, let Centennial Arts take care of all of your Network needs.