With our business class email services, you receive mobile flexibility by managing it through your devices on the go.

In addition to website maintenance and unlimited website updates, we offer a reponsive (mobile-friendly) website design so your site optimized for all devices.

We offer website eCommerce Design services, as well as application support to ensure your online store is always running efficiently.

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Connecting the World

At Centennial Arts, we work on developing technology to help businesses grow and connect with their customers through the art of website design. Through our experience in the website design industry and as a hosting provider, our specialists stay up-to-date with new technologies to help your business SUCCEED. Our team understands how to best design your website to boost your digital marketing presence and how to make that website design accomplish your goals.
Our mission is to HELP OTHERS ACHIEVE SUCCESS by developing the right recipe through our partnership with your business to design a website to suit your business's needs. Today, you have to do a lot more than only having a website. Together, we will discover your recipe for success through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Advanced Email Filtering, and other Digital Marketing Techniques.

CA Services

+ Website Design

Having an established website presence is crucial to allowing prospecting customers to reach you and your business. Centennial Arts provides the tools necessary to build your responsive website (mobile-friendly) and provide you with a successful digital presence. We eagerly provide fully comprehensive responsive website design and development, website hosting, email services, website maintenance and unlimited website updates all in affordable packages based on your needs in the goals you. wish to achieve.

+ SEO and Search Engine Marketing

There is no question that Google is the most widely used search engine provider on the Internet in both desktop and mobile searches. When searching through Google, we follow proper standards from the website design to optimizing each page on your website with keywords and phrases people are likely to search for. Learn how we use (Local SEO and Organic SEO) as a part of our website design process to help your business get found digitally.

+ Website eCommerce Design

Not only will we back our service with a 99.9% up-time guarantee, our services also come with outstanding customer support. In addition to our website eCommerce design services for your business, we are one of the very few companies who offers application support for any issues that may arise with your online store.

+ Business Email Hosting

Centennial Arts offers online business class email services that can be accessed via a webmail login portal. We offer advanced industry leading email services to complement your website design and development needs. Our email services become a crucial complement to your business and gives you the mobile flexibility by managing it through your devices on the go.

+ Domain Registration / Hosting

Centennial Arts offers business class domain management. We work aggressively in keeping your domain information current and accurate to your business. Coupled with monitoring to ensure your domain is safe and can be only transferred at your discretion, your online business presence is protected.

Areas We Serve for Website Design, Digital Marketing and SEO Services

We provide website design services for numerous locations, including but not limited to the following:

We want to understand how to best design your website for the digital marketing and how to make that website design accomplish your goals. Our team has experience in Bryan/College Station, TX website design, Houston, TX website design, San Antonio, TX website design, Dallas and Fort Worth, TX website design, Austin, TX website design and other areas in Texas, and nationwide. To order a website design and website development package now, via our order screen or contact us for more information.

Customer Reviews

Kristina Lewis

Commercial Email Services 
Great customer service and extremely knowledgable. Their services have really helped me to become better organized with my emails and other electronic forms of communication.

Cameron Paul Ramirez

Website Design and Digital Marketing Services in Bryan/College Station, TX 
In a world where digital marketing is key, Centennial Arts has removed the headache out of this process. Alfred, Joseph, Brooke, Skyler and the Centennial Arts team have always had the highest level of customer service and continue to deliver great work for us at HomeSpark. Thank you all!

Chase Lincomb

Centennial Arts is one of those rare companies who won't tell what you want to hear in order to earn your business; but rather will give you an honest opinion about what will work for your business and stand behind it. As a consultant myself I have a lot of respect for that amount of integrity. Not only are they incredibly knowledgeable, but they are more than willing to build partnerships with their clients in order to foster long term relationships built on a foundation of success. They are customer advocates, consultants, experts in their field, and I would highly recommend them to anybody looking for a #marketing approach customized to your needs and your customers.

Mike Scofield

Website Design and Digital Marketing Services in Bryan/College Station, TX 
The team at Centennial Arts have met all of my expectations of a quality company. The design of the site is first rate. It is the quality of service from Alfred, Skyler and Brooke after the sale that makes them a five star company. They have spent numerous hours educating me on the website, marketing and answering all the questions that I have had. It takes good vendors to run a company and I have that unquestionable help from Centennial Arts. Keep up the good work.

Sonda D. Hamilton

Website Design and Digital Marketing Services 
Alfred Hanna impressed me from the momment he sat down to discuss his business, and the unlimited full services that Centennial Arts offers to their clients. I wanted a personal website that works for me-not just anyone in my field. Alfred helped create a website as unique as my company. It's visually appealing, and yet fully functional. There are NO navigational issues or usability issues, it's very user friendly. Alfred took into account my budget, who my customers are and and what my business is all about. Alfred is up-to-date with all the latest technology. I would highly recommend Alfred Hanna and Centennial Arts for their professionalism, product knowledge, their internet/computer savvy, and lastly, for being honest and trustworthy.

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