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One of the many unique aspects of website design at Centennial Arts is our website design consultation process. Whether you have a current website design or are curious about a future website design, before you even sign up for a website with us, we will sit down with you and go over your business, your websites needs and website goals for the Internet and your website design and pre-existing marketing scheme. We want to understand how to best design your website for the Internet and how to make that website design accomplish your goals. With experience in Bryan, TX, College Station, TX, Houston, TX, Las Vegas, NV, San Antonio, TX, other areas in Texas, and nationwide. To order a website design and website development package now, via our order screen or contact us for more information.

Technical Tips

Search Engine Optimization Watch the video.

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InformationWeb and website updates are easy with Centennial Arts! Just send us an email of what you want changed on your website and you'll see it up on the web within 3 business days! In fact, most of the time you'll see the website update posted to the web on the same day!

Website Design Phase

Duration: 1-2 weeks

We want your website design to run effectively for your clients, so we'll never use a template for our website design.


Website Revisioning

Duration: 4 weeks

We'll do a back-and-forth on our proposed website design until we get your website running and looking just the way you want it.


Website Maintenance

Duration: Life of Contract

When you're satisfied with the design, we'll deploy your website and offer you unlimited maintenance for the life of the subscription.

As technology changes every day, our goal is to have your website stay up to date with current and new technologies.

Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer

Why limit your target audience?

At Centennial Arts we design all of our client's websites with the purpose of hitting all of their target markets. Meaning we will never design a website that works on only a couple of devices and or browsers. We insure that all of our websites work on all major browsers and all major mobile devices guaranteeing you a maximum outreach to your target clientele.

Our maintenance program is your warranty.

With the rapid development of technology there are always updates which need to be installed and implemented across all of our client’s websites. With our unlimited maintenance and updates we can guaranty your website will continue to function properly over the months and years!

Free & Easily Accessible

Centennial Arts Email

Centennial Arts offers online email access via a webmail portal. This portal interfaces directly with your email account and can be used from anywhere in the world right through your browser.

You can also manage your email on your iPhone, through Outlook, in Thunderbird, or through virtually any other application you can think of. It's just one of the many ways that we help businesses and individuals handle their internet resources more effectively.

How your website is designed and built are two very different, but equally important questions you need to ask about your site. Both design and configuration affect the overall quality of the site, its search engine friendliness, and how user friendly and navigable it is. These factors in turn define if your web site is really going to work for you in the long run.

Here's a little checklist of factors that set great sites apart from mediocre ones.

Visual Design: If your site has a professional appeal, people will more likely trust in you and your service. A professional design for your profession.

Easy Navigation: If your site is confusing, people aren't going to try and figure it out. They'll simply move on to your competitor.

Quality Content: Good, clean, simple content that sends your message. Most of the time, people won't read page after page of copy text!

Web Standards: Your site needs to be built properly to be able to fully utilize how search engines work and survive over time as technology progresses.