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Austin Texas

Being the capitol of Texas, Austin brings in people from all over. With many tourist attractions and events, most notably the South by Southwest and the Austin City Limits festivals, Austin attracts an enormous number of visitors for its live music each year. In addition, the influx of new businesses means it is necessary to keep yours at the forefront of people's minds. Our mission in the Austin area is to provide local Austin businesses with all-in-one, cost-effective Internet and website solutions. Our goal is to help local small-business and large-business companies with their online marketing, website design, and emails services. In Austin, we are very active in developing the Look and Feel of businesses’ Websites, Digital Marketing and Online Presence, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Business Class Email Service and Support, and Website Hosting and Website Maintenance services.

How SEO Can Benefit Your Austin Business

Your business deserves to be on Google's first page of search results; therefore, it begins with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the design of your website. Centennial Arts fully integrates search engine optimized content into your website design, which guarantees your website is optimized for the Austin area. Centennial Arts’ team of SEO experts can create a customized, powerful and effective optimization strategy. Let our team show you how local SEO and custom website design can dramatically increase sales

Austin, Texas Custom Website Design, Hosting & Email Services

We offer an all-in-one solution for your business’s digital success. When you combine our custom website design, hosting and email services, you will save money and time.

How Website Design Can Benefit Your Austin Business

With so much going on in Austin, Centennial Arts wants your business to stand out and be visible to new customers. We provide the high-tech tools you need for your new, responsive and mobile-friendly website. To give your business a successful online presence, we provide fully-responsive website design and development, website hosting, and website maintenance services included in affordable packages. Centennial Arts knows how important a custom website in Austin is for your business, which is why it is so crucial that your website design is always functional and eye-catching.

Features Include:
  • Responsive Design – Mobile Friendly. Today, the majority of people are on their cell phone.
  • Easy navigation
  • Web standards
  • Visually appealing design
  • Dynamic and highly customizable contact forms
  • Website hosting – 99.99% Up-Time Guarantee

Website Design Process

We follow a thorough 4-week website design process to ensure your website goals are thoroughly met and exactly as you want.

Click the tabs on the left to view our website design process:

Content Collection
Design and Development
Customer Review

Content Collection

1 Week

Once you sign up for our website design services, we will begin the process with the Content Collection phase. In this phase, we allow up to 1 week to ensure you have plenty of time to gather and organize the content you want on your website. During this step, we will also work with you to build the structure and layout guide, which includes how you want your website to look and what pages are best suited for your website.

Website Design and Development

1 Week

The second step of is the Website Design and Development. Once Content Collection is complete, our team meets to discuss the design of each of your pages, based on the content you will have already provided. Then, our Developers will create and begin working on your new website. This phase can take up to 1 week.

To learn about how our Website Design services can benefit your company, contact us to schedule a consultation.

Website Hosting

The process of publishing a website is known as hosting. We arrange and purchase a domain for your website, commonly known as a web address, register the domain and publish your site. We maintain an advanced network within which we host all of our client’s websites to provide 99.99% up-time and redundancy, meaning your website will have a fast load time and be available 24/7 for your clients in Austin and anywhere else in the world.

With our website hosting services, we configure servers with our software so that your website will always load fast. Our team takes the headache away from our customers by managing their DNS settings and updating the records as needed. All of our sites are hosted in house on our servers we designed.

Website Maintenance

We understand that your website is as dynamic as your Austin business is. That means that your website must be kept up-to-date with current technology and standards so it remains effective in targeting future customers. This is why we provide unlimited updates to your website design at no extra charge. It is important to maintain updated content and images on your website for your current and future customers.

Along with updating content on your website, there are several Internet standards that are updated over time and we will be able to fix these issues to ensure your website is always kept up-to-date. This includes security updates and support updates, allowing for continued cross platform compatibility. It’s like having your own I.T. team!

Email Services

Centennial Arts provides top-of-the-line commercial email services. You can purchase an unlimited number of emails, for large or small businesses. Professional business email accounts allow you to have your company name in the email domain, which allows for a more professional feel when communicating and conducting business with your costumers or manufacturers. Using our email services also authenticates your mail server to prove to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that the mail services are truly authorized to send emails, which adds security and reliability.

Additionally, our Sender Score is 99 out of 100! This score identifies how your Email Service Provider (ESP) runs by its reputation. We are eager to provide your Austin business with the most elite email services so that you can continue running your business efficiently and successfully. Our commercial email services are great for any industry, including automotive dealerships, medical offices, welding shops and many more.

Commercial Email Services