Email Hosting Packages 

Centennial Arts offers online business class email services that can be accessed via a caMail login portal. This login portal interfaces directly with your email account and can be used from anywhere in the world right through your browser or any mobile devices. Our email services are very competitive against the popular platforms such as Gmail and Microsoft Outlook. Our emails can be accessed from your mobile phone, email clients such as Outlook or Thunderbird, and through the internet browser. Scroll down to see our comparison chart.  

5 email Accounts

25GB Per Box!
Monthly: $25.00

10 Email Accounts

25GB Per Box!
Monthly: $50.00

20 Email Accounts

25GB Per Box!
Monthly: $100.00

30 Email Accounts

25GB Per Box!
Monthly: $150.00

50 Email Accounts

25GB Per Box!
Monthly: $250.00

75 Email Accounts

25GB Per Box!
Monthly: $375.00

100 Email Accounts

25GB Per Box!
Monthly: $500.00

Customize Your Email Package

Contact Us and we can help to customize your email services for you!

Free Email Services vs. Centennial Arts’ Email Services

Google Business (Gmail) Microsoft Outlook CA
Mailbox Storage15 GB15 GB25 GB
IMAP SupportYesYesYes
Cryptographic Protocol Support (SSL, TLS)SSL, TLSSSL, Exchange ActiveSyncSSL/TLS
Email Client AccessYes (POP3, IMAP) SMTP restricted Partial (POP3, SMTP, Microsoft Exchange Server, IMAP IMAP, SMTP
Custom “From” AddressYes, limited. Feature restricted to preconfigured addresses.
Addresses not registered in advance with Gmail are blocked.
SPAM FilteringYesYesYes Server-Side, Client-Side, Whitelist Filtering
Phone Support?Yes, for Google BusinessNoYes
DKIM and SPFYes, for Google BusinessNoYes
Automated Reply MessagesYesYesYes

Email Filters

You have the flexibility to create rules on how to control what goes on in your email account.

  • ✪ Threaded Email
  • ✪ Conversations
  • ✪ Real-Time Mailbox Search
  • ✪ Automated Response filter

Email Management

Our unique email management system has features unlike any other system on the Internet. Aside from being able to update passwords for email accounts, one of the favorite features is changing the username while retaining your Inbox and the folder structure. Learn how to manage your company email accounts via the admin panel.