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Email filtering one of the most common and most overlooked features in email, this feature is overlooked for many reasons mostly because it is yet to really make any significant changes. A lot of your free email service providers out there on the web offer spam filtering with all of their email accounts yet they do not offer the same versatility which Centennial Arts offers. At Centennial Arts we continue to offer that versatility all the way through this feature as well.

It is estimated that junk mail consumes almost 75% of all email traffic. This junk mail can fill up your inbox quickly, adding up to be 10 out of every 13 messages, and can fill up yours and your employee's inboxes, thus causing wasted time, money and lower productivity. With other enterprise class email services and free email services on the web they do not allow you to adjust your spam filter. Thanks to Centennial Arts we've designed our spam filtering in our enterprise class email systems to be adjustable according to the client's needs. At Centennial Arts we've realize that not all clients have the same needs our goals thus keeping in mind the versatility for each of our clients is key in our success.