Website Design

In today's market, having an established website presence is crucial to allowing prospecting customers to reach you and your business. Centennial Arts provides the tools necessary to build your responsive website (mobile-friendly) and provide you with a successful online presence. We eagerly provide fully comprehensive responsive website design and development, website hosting and website maintenance all in affordable packages based on your needs and the goals you wish to achieve. Combine this with diverse domain-management tools and our clients can maintain all their online presence needs in a single and power solution with a virtually hands-off approach to the management of their website.

Website Design Process

We follow a thorough 4-week website design process to ensure your website and digital marketing goals are met in a timely manner. You will receive a visually appealing design, easy navigation, quality content and a website that properly utilizes the latest technologies and web standards. 
Our website design process begins with the initial consultation. 

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Content Collection
Design and Development
Customer Review

Content Collection

1 Week

The first step of our website design process is Content Collection. The Content Collection phase begins with the Initial Consultation. We allow up to 1 week for this to ensure you have plenty of time to gather and organize content and images for the website. During this step, we work with you to build up the Layout Guide with the appropriate pages for your website.

Website Design and Development

1 Week

The next step of our process is the Website Design and Development. Once Content Collection is complete, our Designers and Developers meet to discuss the design of each page, based on the content provided. Then, our Developers create and prepare the website. We allow up to 1 week for this step.

To learn about Website Design services can benefit your company, contact us to schedule a consultation.

Website Hosting

The process of publishing a website is known as hosting. Centennial Arts maintains an advanced network within which we host all of our client’s websites to provide 99% up-time and redundancy. We arrange and purchase a domain (web address) for your website, register the web address (so other computers can find your site), and finally deploy (publish) your site. With our website hosting services, we configure servers with our software so that your website will always load fast.

Website Maintenance

A website which never needs updates is a website that is severely underachieving or was badly designed. At Centennial Arts, we realize that your website, like your business, is dynamic and ever-changing. All of our hosting and development packages include updates of images and content. Unlike other companies which may charge on a per-hour basis or set periodic maximums for updates, Centennial Arts allows for as many contextual updates to your site as you decide to have for as long as you’re with us.