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Email Forwarding, Automated Responses, Folder Filtering and More!

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With our business class email services, you have this life and time saving feature at your disposal, helping to keep your email neat and organized. The customization and versatility of these filters are virtually endless in what you can do.

Folder Filtering

A favorite is the Folder Filtering, if you know that you will be receiving several emails from a particular client. One example with this feature is re-directing emails from a certain client to a specific folder. This helps to keep track of the specific client's emails without having to search your Inbox!

Automated Response Filter

Another favorite filter is Automated Response Filter. If you are out of town on vacation or have personal matters, this filter will send a preset email by replying back to anyone who emails you for the duration you're out of the office!

Threaded Email Conversations

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Centennial Arts business class email services have only made this feature even faster and easier to use. Remember the day when you had to click through several emails just to get the gist of a conversation you were having with a client? You would waste several hours a week clicking back and forth taking notes to make sure you didn't miss anything. Not anymore, with our business class email services and email threading feature all you have to do is select the most recent email of a conversation with a client to get the full story! This saves you hours out of your already busy and hectic schedule, allowing you to service your clients with the utmost confidence.

Adjustable SPAM Filtering

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Email filtering one of the most common and most overlooked features in email, this feature is overlooked for many reasons mostly because it is yet to really make any significant changes. A lot of the free email service providers out there on the web offer spam filtering with all of their email accounts, but they do not offer the same versatility which Centennial Arts offers.

Centennial Arts continues to offer that versatility all the way through this feature as well. For example, with other enterprise class email services and free email services on the web they do not allow you to adjust your spam filter. Thanks to Centennial Arts we’ve designed our spam filtering in our enterprise class email systems to be adjustable according to the client’s needs.

Centennial Arts utilizes IMAP technology on its email services to provide our clients with the utmost versatility. The main benefit of IMAP verses POP3 is that with IMAP your emails remain on the server so there is no risk to losing your emails.

To explain what this means, when you use POP3 you’re not simply viewing your emails from the server you’re actually pulling them from a server permanently and onto your computer. So if you lose your computer due to a virus or a hard drive failure you would essentially lose all of your emails. With IMAP you do not run the same risk if your computer suffers a virus or hard drive failure, you’ve lost none of your emails because they remain on the server. This provides a huge advantage for any business which relies on laptops or high traffic in office computers because they’re on the highest risk of failing. If one of your computers goes down you can simply replace it or login to another computer and you will be able to access your emails once again. With this type of service you’re able to access your emails from any computer any tablet and any smart phone with an Internet connection!

Real-Time Mailbox Search

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Have you found yourself searching through hundreds if not thousands of emails trying to find just one specific email from a client? With Centennial Arts Enterprise Class Email services you can now search your e-mail box by specific fields within seconds. Since all of your emails are stored and managed on the servers here at Centennial Arts you are not limited by the hardware of your computer. Some of the fields you can search by are date, subject, sender, recipient and body.